Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ten ways to make a long hotel stay feel more like home.

1. Unpack your belongings, this helps create a routine and makes the hotel feel more like your space.

2. Bring your own pillows or pillow cases (be sure they are not white or they might end up missing).Remember to drink it.

3. Bring or buy a water pitcher and fill it with freshly cut fruit and water. Store it in the mini fridge and remember to enjoy the refreshing beverage.

4. Make the bed. Even if housekeeping comes in every day it keeps you grounded and feeling like your home. If you want fresh linens, strip the bed.

5. Open the curtains and get some natural light.

6. Go ahead and sleep naked, nobody cares.

7. Lay your clothes out the night before it helps tremendously.

8. Do any paperwork at the desk or table, doing it on the bed produces poor quality work.

9. Try to keep the same routine that you had at home.

10. You are a guest but you are paying to use the space, so treat it like it is your home and don’t trash it out.

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