Monday, November 4, 2013

Helpless and Trying

For all those people out there that suffer from post surgery depression and are trying to heal. 

Today is one of those days
tears stream down my face
though I don’t know why
my self seeming insignificant
death my waking thought
pain is so much less now
but I am helpless useless
I am surrounded by chaos
entropic disarray surrounds
bit by bit it will be cleaned
piece by piece I will win
day by day I will concur
this disaster that is my home
laundry that never ends
dishes that keep getting dirty
floors that are tracked filthy
trapped in bed
five minutes out at a time
the chaos envelopes
the dirt suffocates
when mom is down
the house falls to shreds
my son with my mother
medication that makes me
the stream of thoughts dark
Disney and Christmas music
trying to create levity
vent to paper stream of consciousness
dashed the hopes
keep loving my self
remember to breath and smile
put on the lovely mask
hold on to the gratitude
you will get well
life will go back to normal soon...

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