Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tea with Death

Death knocks upon my door
wishing to have tea and cake
to be regaled with stories and laughter

Azrael wishes to depart from doldrums
honeyed chamomile washing away solicitations
chocolate cake and tales read aloud drown bereavement

Cù-Sìth lounge across my grassy yard
snapping flies with their braided tails
following Yama downs the streets upon departure

The Reaper seems to be my friend
he courts me incessantly
not yet to cross with the ferryman

I am still alive
I am a pleasant distraction
the loneliness of his existence ebbs

One day I know I will don a veil with scythe and bull
to cross from mortality to another plain
but today I bake and brew to entertain Thanatos

May-hap on that day of transition
I will have tea with my Angel Grim
at his home on his plates

Oh my
It seems I care
for dear Death

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