Sunday, October 6, 2013

How do we design life more creatively?

This is the age 
the age of knowing you 
the time of discovering secrets

it is the lucky star
kept close to your heart
the ray of sunshine 

the riches bound to
the garden of earth
at long last

it is time
to change the life 
to choose a path

no longer am I content 
to live in the shadows
of my smile 

it is time
to come 
and play

You are beautiful
It is time to F.L.Y. 

This is the age of knowing
who you are

The age of taking care of you

Relish in your accomplishments

be happy 

be healthy

be wealthy

Leave the past behind 
be Independent

Break the rules
Have a three-way
Build the passion
Turn me on
Live your dreams

Oh and by the way...
everyone’s job 
above all else 
is to protect the planet

to deliberately create

the life

of your dreams...

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