Sunday, October 6, 2013

Absinthe Loneliness

alone in a room of strangers
lost in my memories as drinks are past.

Thinking of a cowboy I will never hold,
a lost opportunity to seem normal,
a dream never realized.

My mate a white knight,
with busted white armor, patched and worn,
his ballads do take heed.

A man in black with change in mind,
his lessons well I learned,
yet fantasy and reality are blurred.

Imbibe sweet nectar of the gods,
holds hostage wishing I would die.

A hundred bodies crowd me out,
my own mind no place of refuge,
alone in a green room of mist.

Absinthe holds my hand,
drips from my lips,
lovers past haunt me.

Divine sage rips my soul to shreds,
every atom sings,
my cowboy cries,
my mate hides,
my man in black howls in pain.

Tears run fast,
time is lost,
hope is faint.

Alone I sit,
Alone I cry,

Alone always alone.

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