Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Rain

A slight rumble begins
rattling the windows. 
Everyone is made aware 
of the environment outside.

It was to be a breathtaking tempest.

Drought had exhausted the land
this was the first water to fall in over a year.

The porch swing creaked, 
the screen door slams with a crash 
it banged against the house outside.

Electricity fills the air hair prickling
wind sweeps through ancient pecan trees.

Stars are peeking through billowing clouds, 
in the distance light flashes every few seconds.

The air thick with humidity
forms droplets of sweat on my brow.

Impatiently I wait.

Crickets and grasshoppers play a soft concerto
while birds caw and thunder rumbles.

The storm rolls in like an icy ghost on the back of our naps.

The wind sweeps over the porch and the intoxicating aroma 
of the sky’s spring and wet soil engulfs the air. 

The green and yellow leaves shiver 
when a gust of wind tries to uproot the tree.

Lightning explodes in the sky
hitting a transformer knocking power out across town.

Refreshing darkness follows.

A night within a night descends.

Total darkness brings on a blindness, heightening senses 
interrupted only by the brief blinding flashes of Zeus` furry.

The wind picks up.

Again, lightning strikes,

Like a small child

I count: 

The thunder’s closer than before.

A soft drizzle falls each of the pit pat of the drops
darken the ground in front of the porch.

The cleansing smell of rainwater
fills the air 
the ozone loses its dustiness.

Suddenly the tempest begins. 

The rain streams down.

The lightning rips with thunder following almost immediately. 

A harsh gust sounding like a banshee's sorrowful melody
shoots through the rafters.

The storm starts spitting water onto the faces of it's observers.

Soon all the senses are reeling, the smells of wet earth and lightning,
the sounds of the thunder and rain hitting dirt,
water pooling in small depressions.

The feel of raw power in the air arouses the mind,
while wind and water assuage parched skin, 
provoking one further towards something unknown.

As if something in the ether was pulling them 
into the oblivion of the rain.

Thor demands us to dance.
Ganymede seduces each of us to spread their arms wide. 

The water and the wind begging to cleans away 
the grime of the arid climate.

The storm no longer to be ignored wants us to be a part of it.

Slowly for miles around every soul will walk off of their porches into the rain.

Hair is soaked heavy within seconds.
Skin feels like polished slick stone,
yet warm all at once.

Lashes glisten with heavens tears, the taste of rain on lips is intoxicating
the wind chilling the body stands unmoving.

Clothes feel bulky and unnatural,
strip them off and become a part of the rain.

The soul begs for the redemption only water can fulfill,
it screams for peace, cleansing only a thunderous storm can accomplish.

Wishing the rain would go on forever 
to cool and purify every nuance of existence
it seems juvenile but wished for none the less

The rain craves the earth
just as mere mortals crave the water
the power of the mighty storms is intoxicating. 

As one begins to move to sway with the wind 
rock with the rain and the raw power is felt.

Soaked hair vain-fully tries to stand on end.

Lightning strikes mere yards away. 
The thunder is deafening.

The silence following the strike speaks more than the strike itself.

The ground is scorched the smell of burning loam
mixes with the smell of falling water.

Rain pours harder.

As quickly as it commenced
the rain began to ebb.

The clouds rolled away.
The sky clears.

Diana shines in all her luminous glory.

The stars which had peaked through the clouds at different intervals
now meditate in the puddles on the ground.

The grass glistens as if kissed by the pearl necklaces.

The storm rages under the pecans canopies.

Thunder rumbles gently in the distance.

I awake in my bed soaked in sweat.

Just a dream? 

Yet it felt so real!

A pile of clothes sit in a soaking puddle 
on the floor next to the window

Perhaps it wasn’t a dream after all.

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