Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Travelers Poem

                I have seen the face of great beauty
                             through the veil of my most bitter tears.

  For I have been to the lonely places,
        and have seen the great emptiness
                             beyond the realm of dreams.

                  I have been to the borderlands of sanity,
           stood atop the gates
      and stared forth
               into the places of no return.

I have journeyed alone
      to the places of wonder
                    where no man
            should ever venture alone.

            I have known love
                      and betrayal
                  in equal measure,

                                      and still
                                  I hope.

I have fought the dragons
    that hold at bay the light of the new day,
         and I have stood in the light,
              bathing in the warmth of hope,
only to have the ground fall from beneath me,
    and to be plunged into such great darkness
         that I thought perhaps
              the sun itself to have been lost to the world.

I stand before you now, 
a child 
of lost innocence, 
and I am 
so very lonely, 
that my tears 
have long since
And Yet
I Dream

Dustin DB McKnight

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