Friday, September 6, 2013

Enter at Your Own Risk - a poem

Naked or Nude?

Make me feel something.
Make me feel nothing.
Let Me Feel
something and nothing

Truth be told
music starts
a mix tape of desire

Touch me.
Hold me.
Caress me.

Wool and leather cuffs
hands shackled to a cross.

a gentle stroke
a heavy flogger

Lick my hide with leather.
Stroke my skin with rope.

make me mew.
make me moan.
make me murmur.

Ecstasy and Agony,
The shadow of my words.

Make me climb the cross,
Scrutinize my response
Watch my heaving breasts
Monitor my dance
Note my breath
Read the sounds
Witness no distress
Discover excess empathy
Observe in silence

The Cruciation

Oh silly children
in bodies old and worn
in bodies young and new,

Watch the actress
modulate her voice
pain experienced
pleasure escapes.


Pain is the interesting thing.

I live in agony.

Mental dolor,
a past oft recalled.

Recreational torture,
a respite of nerves.

Physical suffering,
a body broken.

Healing tenderness*,
a body mending.

Which do you see on this actress?

Scale the cross,
hands unbound
others escape the room

gentle hands caress
warm bodies cuddle
cool oil spread

warm blanket engulfs

endearment flows


embraced on either side
the hot tub awaits

warm water surrounds
stars twinkle above

cold nipply air salutes
warm white robe envelopes

reality descends
nerves calm
performance ended

I feel nothing
sweet relief
agony abated
for now...

*archaic use - meaning painful and or sore 

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