Friday, April 20, 2012

Why I dropped of the planet again.

1. I went back to college and lost my mind. When I got home from my first day of class, CPS was at my house. According to the accusations my house was not safe and was too dirty for a child. Also that I was crazy. The accusations were once again unfounded.

2. Dustin's Father, David McKnight, Died the second week of school.

3. We had staffing issues with getting and keeping a nurse.

4. Finally my computer died.

So Why am I back?

My Higher Education of Life...
is important to me.
is a place where I have a voice.
is where my world and the rest of the world can meet and play.
is an outlet for my creative side.
is a record of my education and a record of my growth.
can be used by others as long as it is cited and credit is given.

I want to make a difference and this is my place to do it.

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