Wednesday, June 22, 2011

analysis of three story for my English class

The Assignment

How do experiences affect a person's character or standing within a family or society? Discuss this concept and reference at least two of the stories you read for this. Answer in 10-12 sentences. Due by midnight on June 21st. The reading material from “Two Ways to Belong in America” (280), “No Name Woman” (221), and “On Being a Cripple” (244).

Life is an unending crucible where each choice refines us as human beings. With each challenge a person faces they grow. These three stories effectively entwine the reality of choice in a rhapsody of many cultures and experiences.

Much of character is determined by choice, which in turn is influenced by the people and events. Some people let the opinions of others completely influence and color every decision made, while some individuals consider these opinions but ultimately make their own distinct choices. On the surface “No Name Woman” may seem tragic but as an allegory the author seems to be using her mother’s story of the “unborn” aunt’s suicide to reconcile her Chinese-American upbringing.

Immigrants chose to immigrate for many reasons. One choice that they must make is whether they want to be citizens or expatriates. The sisters in, “Two Ways to Belong in America” each made separate choices and respected them but it still caused some familial friction as change effected their lives.

When change affects one’s life in such a profound way as in Mairs “On Being a Cripple”, one major choice stands out, find the good or be miserable. “Grumbling” aside she has a remarkably positive yet realistic outlook. Everyone has the choice to be happy or the choice to be unhappy.

So when life throws tomatoes make pasta, when lemons are abundant drink lemonade and when the dandelions try to choke your garden make salad.

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