Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ben is Back in the Hospital

Ben has pneumonia and is back in the hospital. He spit up milk through his trach on wednesday. we went to the ER in Stillwater and got sent home because the x-ray looked "beautiful". Friday evening we went to the er in okc and were admitted around 4am on Saturday.

I got to say typing and holding a sleeping baby with o2, iv's and pulse-ox can be difficult. He is sleeping alot but he gave the RT a smile this morning.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Changing Sink - A Thank You List

How does one person effect change?

By living the change you want to see.

I can't remember who said this but when you want to make changes in the world, you make the changes in your life and go from there.

Each positive step that I take towards making my life a better place for me and mine, is one step closer to a better world.

I Am The Change I Want To See

One change I want to see is more people being thankful for the people and the seeds that they spread...

First thing I want to do is thank Marla Cilley the Fly Lady. She gave me the tools I needed to love myself enough to move forward.

I want to thank my DH for being himself, putting up with my nuclear meltdowns and helping me put my since of self back together.

I want to thank my parents, all four of them, for not freaking out when I drop off radar for weeks and sometimes years on end, for teaching me too many lessons to name here.

I want to thank my Aunt Di, she taught me how to write a killer paper. I've never been prouder of a paper than my Kepler paper.

I want to thank Ryan, a good friend whom I will dearly miss, he died January 3 2011, he showed me that no matter the situation, a good laugh, human touch and being yourself, make all things bearable.

I want to thank everyone that has seen me throw a temper tantrum and still talks to me.

Lastly I want to thank my father for instilling a true love of learning and adventure in me, that, by far was the most precious gift I have ever been given.

I hope that I can instill that lust for knowledge in my son.

Finally I want to thank you. Thank you for reading My Higher Education of Life.

Right now as I write this no one but I read this blog, but I am hoping that someone outside of my family will read this and get something from it. It has taken me four years of reading other peoples blogs to really sit down and work on this. I hope that Life does not interfere as much as it has in the past.

Thank you again,


Update on Ben

As often as it seems I look up and see my son, I see him and think oh my god how did that come out of me.

I'm not sure if how I feel is normal or if I'm going crazy.

He is Ben.

Everyone tells me he is doing beautifully and that we are doing well but I feel as though I'm a horrible mother.

Acceptance, The Let Down and the Decision

Okay so I was accepted to OSU, cool.

The let down there is no way I can go to school, at least right now.

The solution...

I'm actually going to be autodidactic and home school myself through college.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Okay so we came home in November with no Vent and is now jumping in his Johnny Jumper in the doorway.

He is healthy as a horse except for crappy lung syndrome AKA BPD.

The trach should come out in the spring but only if he comes off the O2.

We finally got nursing after almost 2 months at home with no help and very little sleep.

Yah for sleep and showers.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tempeh Sausage on English Muffin

Tempeh Sausage on English Muffin
Made these sausages tonight.
I added more salt, sage and syrup. I used peanut oil to cook them in.
It makes great crumbles for biscuits and gravy!!!