Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Drama Around Ben's Birth

Ben is DH and my miracle baby.

I've had 15 miscarriages, back surgery and DH has a "low count." We never planned on having children and were caught completely by surprise when we found out.

We had just gotten back from a promotional event in Dallas, I had spent the last two weeks freezing, while driving a seg-way on icy streets promoting a boxing match. When we got home our door was unlocked and all of our things were gone; our tools, DH's dive equipment, my silver, DH's TV and X-Box. Later that night I started running a fever and the cough I had had all week got so bad I was having trouble breathing.

DH took me to the ER at Methodist in Houston. DH later said I was pale as a ghost. I remember him looking quite scared. The hospital ordered, a chest x-ray, an echo, and about 10 other tests. The nurse did an Echo then took some blood. Registration came in to get my insurance, I did not have any. The doctor came in and said "Congratulations your pregnant, go home and see an OB."

At this point I knew something was wrong, I was having to much trouble breathing and had had too many miscarriages, I insisted that something was wrong. They canceled all the other tests and sent me home.

I got sicker. Medicaid miss-filed my application, and I was denied Medicaid, they refiled it. I could not get in to a Dr., no one would see me, unless I had a medicaid card. My water broke at 23 weeks, two days before my OB appointment.

I had no idea that I was in labor, I just thought I was having a normal back spasm, like I had had for years. I bummed a joint off of my neighbor to help with the pain. Big Mistake. That one joint put me and my family in a very precarious position, when we were already very vulnerable. In the state of Texas when you have THC in your system when you are pregnant, you automatically get investigated by CPS.

I spent two weeks in the hospital on strict bed rest. After one week I no longer tested positive for THC. The second week I was in the hospital I spiked a very high fever and had to have an emergency C-Section. I spent ten days in the hospital recovering. For the last five days I wheeled myself to Texas Children's of Houston using "the tunnels".

Ben was born just before midnight on March 28th.

He weighed 2 pounds 1oz or 927g. and was 17" long.

Ben was put on a ventilator as soon as he was born, he is still dependent on a ventilator, has had heart surgery and now he had had a G-button and a Nissen fundoplication.

He was not allowed to have my breast milk due to the THC that was no longer in my system. My OB fought very hard to get my milk to Ben but it was "too expensive" to test the milk. Even after multiple negative drug tests i was still not allowed to breast feed my son. I pumped 12 ounces of colostrum. Most women who have babies that early get less than an ounce. I was pumping 4 ounces of milk each pumping within 48hrs of Ben's birth, while most are lucky to get 2 ounces within two weeks. Every ounce was dumped down the drain. Breast milk is LIQUID GOLD. It costs between $150 and $185 an ounce . Not being able to feed my son, has caused me great emotional distress and made me feel as though I was a bad mother, leading to major depression.

At some point DH decided it would be best to move out of our apartment and in with a friend(the con-artist who fleeced us out of everything... twice, and kicked us out once the money was gone.)

On top of the fact that my son is still dependent on a ventilator, he has had heart surgery and now he had had a G-button and a Nissen fundoplication.

Hopefully Ben will be home by Christmas. We still have to go to The Children's Center to learn the Vent.

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